Top 5 Benefits of Hunter Douglas Plantation Shutters

There’s no denying that plantation shutters are a popular window treatment selection among homeowners.  Combining practicality with aesthetics, custom shutters are timeless – stunning yesterday, today, and tomorrow, for years to come!

Custom Hunter Douglas Hardwood shutters

Hunter Douglas offers 3 types of Custom Plantation Shutters to suit your exact style, preference, and needs while staying within your budget.  These include the Heritance® Hardwood (made from 100% real wood), the NewStyle® Hybrid (the very popular composite shutter) and the Palm Beach™ Polysatin™ (perfect for high moisture areas and shore houses).  However, regardless of the specific type you choose, you can be confident in receiving these 5 Key Shutter Benefits!

1) Superb Craftsmanship dovetail construction of custom Hunter Douglas shutters

Handcrafted from 100% wood with a dovetail construction, Hunter Douglas Heritance® Hardwood Shutters provide maximum strength and durability.  Both the Heritance Hardwood and NewStyle Hybrid Shutters are made with Truemill® Dovetail Construction, one of the oldest and strongest forms of joinery used in woodworking!  This method is valued for its durability and longevity ensuring your shutters stay in pristine condition for years to come!

2) Backed by an Amazing Warranty

Our products are designed and custom-assembled in the U.S. with top-notch quality.  Every Hunter Douglas window treatment is also covered by our lifetime limited guarantee, giving you added ease of mind.

3) Unlimited Design Options

Operating Systems

bypass track system of Hunter Douglas custom plantation shutters
The Bypass Tracking System

Front tilt bar, hinged panels, bi-fold tracks (a hinged folding movement), bypass track (shutter panels slide past each other)

TrueView ™ Rear Tilt (simply tilt one louver to the desired position, and the rest follow) giving you a uniform, unobstructed view!

Color Selections

Available in a wide range of colors and stains, the Hunter Douglas plantation shutters enable you to compliment your surrounding décor.  If the popular white selections or traditional wood stains don’t suit your needs, the Heritance Hardwood Shutters are available in ANY custom color of your choosing!  The options really are endless!

Louver Sizes

Your selections even come down to the size of the louvers, with each shutter type available in three sizes: 2 ½ inches,  3 ½ inches  or 4 ½ inches.  We find that most clients go in the middle, with the 3 ½ inch louvers providing the perfect amount of view through!  Of course, the size of your window plays an integral role in the best louver size for your shutters.

Specialty Shapes and Sliding Glass Doors

Hunter Douglas plantation shutters for specialty shaped arch windows

Arches, angles, hexagons, octagons, bay and corner windows, French doors, cutouts (for door handles, window cranks, and air conditioners), even some circles and ovals – No matter what the shape of your window, there is a Hunter Douglas shutter for it!  With precise laser technology, our certified installers will measure your uniquely shaped windows to ensure the perfect fit and a finished look to your space.

 4) Easy to Clean and Maintain

Protective finishes on Hunter Douglas plantation shutters for easy cleaning

Forget the vacuum extension pole and compressed air can that is needed for cleaning various other window treatments.  Custom shutters offer you a “no fuss” and “no hassle” type of cleaning with a simple rag to wipe clear the dust.  Each of the Hunter Douglas planation shutters are coated with a quality finish including the Integra™ finish, the Finetech® Finish, and the DuraLux™ Finish, all of which create a stunning shine and sheer while providing long-lasting durability.

5) Raises Home Value

Exterior of home with custom Hunter Douglas interior plantation shutters

You may pay a prettier penny for plantation shutters in your home compared to other custom window treatments; however, you can look at it as a long-term investment as they will raise the value of your home should you ever move.  House hunters are looking for houses that are completely finished and ready to move in with little updates or renovations.  Window treatments are typically the finishing touch and are often pushed aside or forgotten about.  As mentioned above, plantation shutters are timeless and durable, backed by an amazing warranty, giving your home added value and appeal in the event you are trying to sell it!

Select Your Shutters!

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