Color Consults

Need a little guidance when it comes to the color wheel? Our design consultants at Ambiance Design would love to help with their color consultation services!

Whether you are moving into a newly built house, updating or remodeling your home, or just ready for a fresh look, color plays a big part and holds a lot of weight in these decisions. Colors evoke emotions, set the mood, and contribute to the overall feel of your space.

The Process:

  • Give us a call to set up a color consultation in your home
  • One of our design consultants will come out with a color swatch case and guide you in selecting a great color scheme for your space
  • If you are also purchasing window treatments, our consultant can help with color matching and coordination in that selection as well
    • We recommend that all painting be done before choosing the fabrics of your window treatments to see how it truly looks in your space


We charge $110 for our color consultation services.